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Friday, June 3rd, 2011 at O’Rileys

Sunday, May 8th, 2011

After an unexpected hiatus, Twenty3Fifty9 returns to O’Rileys, Friday June 3rd with friends Cygnus X-3 and AOR, and more.  Stay tuned for details as they become available.

Sharkbite Records will be releasing a Dream Theater tribute album in late May, featuring Twenty3Fifty9 — I’ll have a limited number to hand out to the first people who ask me about it …

Here’s the lineup for the evening:

8:00 — Cygnus X3
9:30 — AOR
10:45 — T3F9
12:00 — From Creation


    Friday, Sept 4th at O’Rileys

    Monday, August 31st, 2009

    Sept 4th, Prog Showcase

    IF YOU MISSED THE SHOW LAST WEEKEND at The Rock Star in Fort Worth, then you’re in luck!  The same core lineup will be appearing together again this Friday at O’Riley’s.

    This past weekend’s show was a lot of fun.  Twenty3Fifty9 debuted a new song, which we will play again this next weekend, and we got to see two great newer progressive projects: From Creation and Millennial Reign, both of which put on great shows.

    9:00 – Hot Ash
    10:00 – From Creation
    11:00 – Millennial Reign
    12:30 – Twenty3Fifty9

    Come on down to O’Riley’s Friday night.  It’s gonna ROCK!

    8989 Forest Lane
    Dallas, Texas


    Saturday, May 16th, 2009

    I’d like to thank everybody that came out to the CD release party Friday evening, it was great fun and a huge success, especially given the early hour! I saw many familiar faces of course, and met a number of new fans as well. I don’t think I’ve ever talked so much to so many people in a single evening.

    I’ve been told we have some decent video of this show, so I may be posting something from that in the next couple days, so check back right here.

    And in the mean time, thanks to our long-time friends, Kevin Ehling, Dean Williams and Veronica Bradford, we have some pics from the show:

    CD Release Party, May 15th at O’Riley’s

    Sunday, April 19th, 2009

    May 15th - CD Release Party

    THE CD’S ARE FINALLY HERE, and Twenty3Fifty9 is planning a CD release party! So, if you’re one of the many who have eagerly awaited the release of Twenty3Fifty9’s debut album release, your wait is almost over.

    Friday, May 15th at 8pm marks a landmark moment for the group, as this is the official release date for “The Count, Act I, The Soul of a Prisoner”, an album some 3 1/2 years in the making.  The band will be appearing at O’Riley’s on Forest Lane, with CD’s in hand!  Come on down and get your own copy, and help us celebrate this special moment in Twenty3Fifty9 history.

    The band will be performing several tracks from the album, as well as debuting one as-yet unheard original song, slated for a second album.  If you’re a fan, you won’t want to miss this show!  Help us make this the biggest show yet.

    The lineup for the evening also looks to be a good one, featuring tributes to both “The Who” and “Heart”.

    • 8pm – Twenty3Fifty9
    • 9pm – Modern Relic
    • 10pm – Heart Tribute, “Bebe Le Strange”
    • 11pm  – The Who Tribute, “Who are You?”

    Saturday, March 28th at O’Riley’s

    Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

    This week the band has two announcements

    promo3Album Release Announcement

    This week Twenty3Fifty9 Twenty3fifty9 is proud to announce the release of their long awaited debut album, “The Count, Act I, The Soul of a Prisoner”, the first part of an ambitious progressive metal concept piece, with a guitar and keyboard driven sound that will invite comparisons with the likes of Dream Theater and Fates Warning, a song style that has been compared to both Kansas and Savatage, and beautifully illustrated with artworks by Ed Unitsky.  [read entire article]

    We hope you will come check out our newly remodeled website, and interact with the band, and help spread the word…

    Come see the band at Hopefest this Saturday

    This Saturday, March 28th, Twenty3Fifty9 is participating in another Beaker event–Hopefest, a benefit concert to raise money for research into a cure for childrens Diabetes.  The show begins at 8pm with the Ramones Tribute Sedated, continuing with Rage against the Machine Tribute, Rip the System, Twenty3Fifty9 at 11pm, and Motorhead Tribute, Orgasmatron at 12:30am.

    Come on down and celebrate the album release announcement with us, and help out a good cause.  We look forward to seeing you there!



    Saturday, March 21st, 2009

    O’Riley’s is the place to be, Saturday, March 28th for HOPEFEST – a benefit concert to raise money for research into a cure for childrens Diabetes.

    The lineup for the evening

    • 08:00 – Ramones Tribute, SEDATED
    • 09:30 – Rage Against the Machine Tribute, RIP THE SYSTEM
    • 11:00 – Twenty3Fifty9
    • 12:30 – Motorhead Tribute, ORGASMATRON

    October 11th – Prog-tober all-day-progshow at O’Riley’s

    Thursday, October 9th, 2008
    October 11th, 2008

    October 11th, 2008

    Though not quite a “festival”, as it kind of came together at the last minute, the show this saturday at O’Rileys bar and grill in Dallas will be an all-day musical journey into progressive, experimental, in some cases even avant garde music.

    Early in the day, be sure to catch ICE-9, the new supergroup consisting of members from Twenty3Fifty9, SpaceTime and Element-X — performing material from Queensryche and Fates Warning to Crimson Glory.

    Also — our good friends ASLAN will be at the show, be sure to catch their powerful set as well.

    Twenty3Fifty9 will go on at 11pm

    See you there!

    September 13th–Beakerfest

    Sunday, September 7th, 2008
    Sept 13th, 2008

    Sept 13th, 2008

    Beakerfest is a yearly benefit for research into childrens diabetes. Come on down to O’Riley’s and help out with a good cause, while checking out some great music too. The lineup looks great!

    Also, if you’ve been wanting to come out to a Twenty3Fifty9 show and found that it’s typically too late in the evening … This is the show for you! This time, we will be hitting the stage at 6pm.


    August 23 with Phantom-X

    Tuesday, August 12th, 2008
    August 23rd, 2008

    August 23rd, 2008

    Come on down to O’Riley’s on August 23rd, to catch up on the latest 23:59 material — we will be debuting another new song this time around, the final addition to the album.

    Speaking of the album …. This past weekend we finished up the vocal tracks so now it’s time to begin mix-down. We hope to have the finished product in hand some time in September–early enough to hand out a few at Prog-Power-IX, which Tom and I are attending. Look for a CD release party coming soon.


    Recording Progress and a Road Trip

    Saturday, May 17th, 2008
    June 7th, 2008

    June 7th, 2008

    The final recordings are under way! Over the past two weekends, we recorded all of the drum tracks. Before mixing or EQ we can already hear that these will be the best drum recordings we’ve done. And of course Bill rocked like always!

    Today and tomorrow we’ll be recording the basic song structures over the drum recordings–the keys, guitar and bass. Hopefully getting to the leads by next weekend. We’re looking forward to finally finishing this thing up…


    June marks our first out-of-town show, we’ll be playing two shows, June 6th and 7th, the first in our usual haunt O’Riley’s, the second at Lucy’s in San Marcos–we’re hoping to see some of our Austin friends make it to this show. I’ve already got some excited email from several of them.

    June 6th, 2008

    June 6th, 2008

    June 6th lineup at O’Riley’s

    • Six Point Hollow
    • Twenty3Fifty9
    • Ethereal Architect
    • Parallax View
    • Memories Past

    June 7th Lineup at Lucy’s

    • Ethereal Architect
    • Meyvn
    • Twenty3Fifty9
    • Hammer of the Gods