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Review: The Harder Beat

Tuesday, February 5th, 2008

Twenty3Fifty9 describes itself as “symphonic progressive metal,” which makes them a very unique act in the DFW area. Featuring Jeff Beardsley (guitars/vocals), Brian Bradford (keys), Bill Rankin (drums) and Tom Martino (bass), the band is reminiscent of Queensryche or Dream Theater. They played mostly originals like “Overture 1815,” “Darkness” and “One Hundred Days”, but mixed in covers like Kansas’ “Carry On My Wayward Son,” Dream Theater’s “A Change Of Seasons” and even Heart’s “Barracuda” Most impressive, though, are their original songs. Many musicians in the large crowd this night took notice of the band’s talent. Make sure to see them, as you’ll be impressed. (Kim Polen)

Review: Emergenza, May 2007

Tuesday, May 29th, 2007

Emergenza Music Festival News

If a level 56 Night Elf hunter wanted to rock out to some stellar jams, then I know he would pick up Twenty3Fifty9’s upcoming album, [The Count of Monte Cristo] … This is epic rock at its greatest, and the powerful vocals sealed the deal. This story of love and faith and conspiracy is incredible, especially when packed into twenty-five minutes. Bravo!

Review: Emergenza, Feb 2007

Wednesday, February 21st, 2007

Emergenza Music Festival News

Thursday night was cracked open by the majestic sounds of Twenty3Fifty9. Epic metal, as I call it, was a great way to start, with powerful melodic vocals and one of the most intense rhythm sections around. Theirs was a story of history and lore, and Twenty3Fifty9 rocked it.

Review: Gibralter Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock

Wednesday, March 8th, 2006

Twenty3:Fifty9 is a progressive metal outfit based in Dallas, Texas. The name is a little hard to remember until you think of it as “one minute to midnight” (an allusion to the fact that guitarist Jeff Beardsley tends to wait until the last minute to do things). Beardsley and keyboardist Brian Bradford were members of a Dallas-area “party band” called D’Nile. Inspired by a trip to ProgPower IV they and D’Nile drummer Bill Rankin decided that the Dallas area could use their own prog-metal band influenced by such bands as Dream Theater, Fates Warning, Symphony-X, Savatage and Evergrey. After recruiting bassist Tom Martino, they have been working on a rock opera of The Count of Monte Cristo. They are partway through recording sessions for their first CD entitled Act One. This will be followed up by a second CD, which, of course, is to be called Act Two. (more…)

Review: Neon’s Metal Madness

Thursday, November 17th, 2005

Got the opportunity to hear some really kick ass bands! It was the first show for Twenty3Fifty9 (which I was told is Naval time for one minute to midnight) and I gotta tell you I’m a big fan of this band! If you take a little Dream Theater, Savatage, Rush, and Nightwish you pretty much get this band. They had the crowd eating out of their hand by the second song! I’m definitely gonna catch these guys again!